In Growth

Your preferred home for the gamut of child developmental services.

Special Edge was built on the premise that brighter futures await all our children as we collaborate with parents, schools and educators to help them grow and reach their true potential.

Together with our partners, we stand beside you and your child throughout the entire journey.

No Child Left Behind.
Every Parent Served Right.

In 2001, Congress enacted the No Child Left Behind Act to guarantee that every child, including those who are disadvantaged or require additional support, receive the assistance they need to succeed academically and socially. In the years since, state and local authorities allocated additional funding and services to advance these objectives.

Special Edge is the facilitator committed to ensuring that families in the community can access the maximum funding and support to meet your child’s needs.

We Do More So You Worry Less

From case management to services, and evaluations to paperwork, we step up and step in for the people you love most.

Happen Here

  • Evaluations
  • SEIT Services
  • SETSS Services
  • ABA Services
  • Class in Session

Our Team
The #1 Edge

Through passionate teamwork and a positive, service-oriented mindset, we remain ahead of the pack and consistently adapt to provide more and serve our children better.

Where others see challenges and disabilities, we see potential and growth.

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